About this System

This system has been developed together with Foreign Talent Research Center, MOST and the Capital University of Economics and Business. It is designed to carry out the recently promulgated Administrative Licensing Law of the People's Republic of China. The Law is being instituted in order to regulate the issuance of permits for foreign experts and to resolve current problems of introducing oral English teachers into the nation's public education services. In a long-term perspective, it will accelerate the building of the international professional personnel market, foster and standardize international personnel agencies and further strengthen market access, regulation and supervision.

This system consists of three subsystems: resume, written test, and an online interview. The tests comprise a general personnel evaluation profile and a general knowledge test on China and other current world topics. This system will automatically analyze these tests and generate an evaluation report. The results will help employers evaluate the candidate's basic information and his/her abilities to become a successful professional worker in China.